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Don't Wait To Be Great!

Hello There Gorgeous!

Thank you for stopping by and joining the party! If you're new to our tribe then welcome and know that this blog exists to be a source of inspiration, advice, and quick tips that will help you elevate your beauty, mind, and business.

I was hesitant with writing this post today because of a thousand excuses - I hadn't prewritten it, I didn't have the right energy, etc, etc. Then I decided that I needed to be like Nike and "Just Do It". I find that I sometimes will hold off on doing something because the situation is not 'perfect". There are times I should record a video or do a Live but then I don't because my makeup isn't impeccable or because I have my hair in a messy bun.

"The nerve of this makeup/hair artist! How dare she not slay all day!"

The challenge with waiting for the perfect time is that it may never come! What if your blessing or breakthrough lies in that moment of imperfection?

I am encouraging you all to start where you are and don't delay your life waiting for the perfect moment. Start that business while scared, call that client back who initially told you 'no', and above all move in authenticity and don't over prepare to walk in your purpose. There will be more than enough time to figure out the proper path while on your journey but we must take the first step!

What imperfect step can you take today to get you closer to your dream?

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