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What Kind of Strawberry Are You?

A few weeks ago I took my family strawberry picking and was informed by the farmer that although they all looked similar there were in fact 4 different types of strawberries that could only be distinguished by taste.

It made it think about people and business of beauty. The terms "boss" and "entrepreneur" are being used so frequently that it's hard to distinguish the sweet from the sour. Although someone appears to have clients, may have a website, and a pocket of business cards it doesn't mean that they have reached the peak of entrepreneurship yet - and that's okay!

Here are four tips that will help aspiring entrepreneurs or potential clients to determine which Beauty Brand Boss is the sweetest!

1. They Are Consistent

Entrepreneurs understand the power of residuals and understand that consistency is what builds and grows a brand. They consistently deliver the same quality of service, they are consistently marketing their brand, and the overall message of the brand is consistent and you know exactly what to expect from them.

2. They Follow Up and Follow Through

Bosses know that communication is key! Being able to respond to clients and deliver on their commitments and promises fosters healthy relationships and garners trust. Clients want to know that you are there when they need you and that you can be counted on - no matter what!

3. They Deliver An Experience

No business is isolated and clients have choices of where they want to spend their dollars so delivering an experience is essential. When clients purchase on price alone it turns your service/product into a commodity but when they purchase from you because of how you make them feel - they will keep coming back and have no problem paying your desired rates.

4. They Are Unique

Competition in business will always be there so it's imperative that each business creates its own lane in this beauty industry. Entrepreneurs have to find the thing that makes them unique then master it! Being the master of one defines your specialty and allows clients to recognize that you are the go to resource for that area. If you are struggling to define your specialty then it's a sure bet your potential clients are too!

Just because businesses look similar doesn't mean that they are! Each brand is different and the best of the best can only be determined by taking a bite!

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