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Searching for an artist that can provide a perfected look that will last?

Look no further, TiaTori Artistry is here to deliver!

Special Event Makeup

A flawless face of luxurious skincare and cosmetics will be applied to create a perfected and finished look that will be ideal for headshots, photoshoots, galas, or an evening on the town.  Lashes are included.

Bridal Preview Service

A hands on consultation will be performed to determine the look of your dreams that will be worn on the Wedding Day!  The look will include: Luxury skincare to create the

perfect canvas, application of professional cosmetics to achieve a flawless look that will

accentuate your natural beauty, and setting powder and spray to ensure that your makeup will last through tears, sweat, hugs, and camera flashes. Natural hair eyelashes will be added to finish the look.

Bridal Wedding Makeup 

A full face application of makeup for Bride.


Includes, cleansing with luxury skin care products, applying proper primers for longevity, color correction, makeup sealing/setting, and natural hair eyelashes to finish the look. Application also comes with a touch up kit for the Bride.

Bridal Touch-Up Make-Up Kit: Starting at $45

Artist will provide full size products of makeup used in the application for touch-ups.

Wedding Attendant Makeup

Full Face application of makeup for members of the Wedding Party. Includes skin cleansing,

skin prepping, and natural hair eyelashes to finish the look.

Luxury ReTouch Service

Artist will remain on-site for touch-ups for up to 2 hours. This service is ideal for touch ups that

might be required for photographs and the couples entrance into the reception.

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