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learn to apply makeup like a pro

Beauty Basics - 4 hours

For the makeup enthusiast who wants to learn how to wear polished makeup on a routine basis. We focus on color, tools, and basic application

Foundation Basics - 2.5 hours

The focus will be on creating naturally beautiful skin with the use of liquid and powder foundations. We will also cover basic highlighting and contouring.

L3: Liner, Lips and Lashes - 2 hours

You will learn various eyeliner techniques, how to properly apply lashes (strips or individuals), and how to create the perfect pout.

A Flawless Face - 4.5 hours

The focus is on the 10 steps to achieve a flawless face for any occasion. Portions of this module are hands-on.

Foundation II - 4 hours

This is the advanced module to Foundation Basics where we will focus on contouring, highlighting and illusions with the use of cream foundations

Eyebrow Basics - 2 hours

The focus will be on shaping, defining and filling eyebrows that look naturally beautiful.

Hollywood Glam - 4 hours

At the conclusion of this module you will know how to recreate a Hollywood Glam look effortlessly. The focus will be on clean skin, a smoky eye, and a perfect red lip.

Smoked Out - 2 hours

You will learn how to create variations of a smoky eye that can be created with any color palette.

Eyeshadow 101 - 2 hours

You will learn techniques from placement, blending, and color matching to create eyes that pop!

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